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Guided Fly Fishing in Southwest Virginia

The Bamboo Rods Picture
؋225.00 ؋211.00

Guided Fly Fishing in Southwest Virginia We offer daily guided fly fishing trips on two of the most diversified rivers in the world. Among these


PURIST Collection Trout Rods

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؋395.00 ؋298.00

PURIST Collection Trout Rods -$395.00

The 7’9” #3 is fine tuned for casting dry flies. It serves as the perfect companion for stalking high-country brook trout and exploring cutthroat waters. The 793 is at home on small or free stone streams where a faster rod is desirable.

The 8’6 #4 is designed with super sensitive tips for fishing small flies and light tippets, but they have enough reserve power swing for distance if necessary. It shines with small to medium dries and nymphs, yet has enough backbone to handle hoppers and woolly buggers.

Our 8’6” #5 is especially clever with dries. This versatile rod will handle a broad spectrum of casting challenges – from close, delicate work to more difficult casts from a drift boat.

The 8’6” #6 is workhorse that displays a great balance of power and sensitivity, this rod really shines with nymphs and streamers.
The 866 is solid for slaying larger trout, and delivering streamers and poppers to small bass with pinpoint accuracy.

Our 9’0” #7 is certainly the most versatile performer in our heavy-line rods. This rod delivers power with equal parts finesse.

PURIST Collection Big Game Freshwater – $395.00

Our 9’0” #7 A super smooth casting freshwater rod that will handle steelhead, light salmon, bass, or speckled trout with a stout hand.

The 9’0” #8 Built on custom High Modulus Graphite it’s perfect for when you need to punch bulky flies into the wind in pursuit of supersized largemouth bass, pike, steelhead and carp.

9’0” #9 The 909 is designed for battle, with a beefed up butt section the #9 will land Salmon and Steelhead and swirling Striped Bass with ease.

PURIST Collection Big Game Salt – $395.00

The 9’0” #8 Built on custom High Modulus Graphite Designed to handle Bonefish, Skittish Permit, and Snook, Guaranteed power enough to burst through gusty coastal conditions.

9’0” #9 The 909 is a king when it comes to landing Red Fish, Striped Bass and Jack Crevalle.

9’0” #12 The perfect choice for Tarpon, Sharks, Big Dorado or Roosterfish.
This is a true Goliath Salt Axe designed with huge backbone and brute force castability.

Purist Trade in $295


The Bamboo Rods Picture

The Bamboo Rods Picture
؋298.00 ؋220.00

PURIST Collection-$1350- 2 piece-2 tip   Undiluted and true to its origins, Split-cane wrapped in heirloom colors and dressed in traditional nickel silver hardware. –